Friday, April 30, 2010

KISS Alternate Destroyer MInt Sealed yellow Vinyl

I have one copy sealed mint Yellow vinyl Destroyer Alternate #152/100

$99 & 3.85 USA *****$99 & 21 Priority worldwide

KISS LP 'ALTERNATE DESTROYER'. Sealed & MINT....pressed on Yellow vinyl. Extremely limited to 500 copies, only 100 of each of the 5 colors pressed.LOW number: 152/500. Single album with a gatefold sleeve.
Track listing: Flaming Youth (alternate lyrics), God of Thunder (instrumental), None of Your Business (unreleased), None of Your Business (instrumental), Great Expectations (alternate lyrics), Do You Love Me (studio rehearsal), Beth (orchestration), King of The Night Time World (rehearsal/instrumental), Doncha Hesitate (unreleased rehearsal), Mad Dog (unreleased demo), Bad Bad Lovin (unreleased demo), Love Is Blind (unreleased Gene Simmons demo).

Please also check out this LICK IT UP album with the Black KISS Logo...Does anyone know about this??

Elite works has some KILLER KISS stuff for sale right now...check out their listings. Yes, send me info on Lick it up for my next post.

Monday, April 26, 2010

I can't wait for Sonic Boom to Come out on vinyl.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Released only in Japan, The Originals II is EXTREMELY rare. It contains KISS' second set of 3 makeup recordings: Destroyer, Rock and Roll Over, and Love Gun in paper dust covers featuring their respective album cover art. These are held in a gatefold construction in the same manner as that used on the Japanese version of “Originals.” The Gatefold package for the Japanese version has higher folds & somewhat sturdier cardboard. This set is still prone to edgewear & ringwear. The cover features the same motif as the first Originals, but superimposed are the 4 faces of the members of KISS. If you look closely, you will realize that the faces are the same faces as in the KISS comic book where they are giving blood. This explains the weird expressions & Peter sticking his tongue out in Gene fashion. This set features four 12”x12” cardboard masks, one each for the members of the band, which features cutout holes to attach string to use. The record set contains an 8 page color booklet, with a KISS poster style centerfold. Additionally, the package contains a black and white lyric booklet for the albums with Japanese language biography of the band. The cover for this booklet is simply the album cover reproduced in black-and-white, with a 1976 picture of the band and the inclusion of a minor Japanese album discography. The obi is a traditional Fold around style obi. Value?- A complete mint copy of this album package is worth upwards of $300, but deals can be found and incomplete copies sell for substantially less. This is a hard set to find complete. Japanese dealers are prone to selling these on ebay. The masks & the obi are usually the first pieces missing. Yes, this is one of the holy grails & yes…you need to own this. NEXT, lets take a look at a regular studio release. KISS Lick it UP – The first studio album without makeup.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

KISS The Originals

Canadian Inside * Canadian Cover * USA 2nd Press

US 1st Press * Inside/ Inserts * Japanese Pressing w/obi

Hoping to capitalize upon the success of KISS Alive, Casablanca issued the limited-edition, specially release The Originals. This was a special repackaging of Kiss' first three records {1974's Kiss and Hotter Than Hell, and 1975's Dressed To Kill} The Originals has been out of print since the late '70s, but is still a much-sought-after collectible among Kiss fans/collectors.
The release has three major versions, US, Japanese & Canadian. All versions of “The Originals” include: a 16-page illustrated history of the band up to 1976, which is printed in sepia-style monochrome on 12”x12” paper with a glossy cover, a large color KISS Army sticker, and a sheet of 6 trading cards which originally had to be separated by the purchaser.
All three are similar, but they each have a few minor differences.

The Canadian release is a sturdier traditional gatefold with the band logo emblazoned in Black & White on the inner cover. The three records feature different color labels with the Casablanca Script logo.

Japanese, USA 1st & 2nd Pressings
The Japanese & US versions feature a Folder like presentation with the albums & inserts tucked into a gatefold folder.
For the US & Japanese releases, each of the three records is housed in paper sleeves featuring the artwork of the respective album that they contain. The USA Cards were perforated, while the Japanese cards came a single sheet. Both US & Japanese releases also feature a White Label Promotional pressing of the set.

There were two printings in the US release. The cover of the second printing was labeled “Second Printing” in the top right corner. One main difference for the US versions can be found with the printed inner dust sleeves. On the original issue a matte (non-glossy, rough) stock was used for the sleeves, while the second printing used a glossy (smooth and shiny) stock. Both the front and rear covers of the original album covers were printed on these dust sleeves. The first pressing used the “Camels in the Desert” design while the second issue used the “Filmworks” label design,

The Japanese release includes a Japanese language, eight-page lyric booklet with biography of the band and, an obi strip that Folded over the top edge of the cover, rather than sliding on the left edge

Copies of the complete Japanese version of the album can sell for $150+, while complete regular US and Canadian versions sell for $75-$150 depending on pressing, condition, and degree of completeness. Promotional, or sealed versions sell for quite a bit more. The gatefold folder is notoriously flimsy & is prone to ringwear & edgewear. The sticker is prone to drying out and separating. As a KISS collector, this release is a must have….Next Post…KISS the Originals II

Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Friend is selling one of the rarest KISS releases on ebay!!!! The Argentina Hotter than Hell Re-issue. Apparently this was a promotional/re-issue using the Solo Poster Artwork to form the new stunning cover. This rates as a 9.5 in degree of difficulty to obtain. One day.........

"The Mas Caliente Que El Infierno (HOTTER THAN HELL)is a very rare lp from
Argentina. It is an official Casablanca/Phonogram - 6399058 promotional reissue
pressing, from 1981. Originally issued in 1974 as "Hotter Than Hell". All prints
in Spanish. English songtitles given on brackets (labels). Different artwork to
previous editions. The main collecting point is its cover. The cover consist of
art work from the four solo posters and the inner sleeve from the 1976 RARO lp."
- cdw03