Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Friend is selling one of the rarest KISS releases on ebay!!!! The Argentina Hotter than Hell Re-issue. Apparently this was a promotional/re-issue using the Solo Poster Artwork to form the new stunning cover. This rates as a 9.5 in degree of difficulty to obtain. One day.........

"The Mas Caliente Que El Infierno (HOTTER THAN HELL)is a very rare lp from
Argentina. It is an official Casablanca/Phonogram - 6399058 promotional reissue
pressing, from 1981. Originally issued in 1974 as "Hotter Than Hell". All prints
in Spanish. English songtitles given on brackets (labels). Different artwork to
previous editions. The main collecting point is its cover. The cover consist of
art work from the four solo posters and the inner sleeve from the 1976 RARO lp."
- cdw03


  1. There is also a second pressing of "re-issue" variant. The difference is that the text box on the back of the cover seems to be missing on this one. This leads that it exist a 2nd Issue of the "re-issue". If you want to call this as a 3rd edition allows me to say but possibly a crisp run 1980-1981 There are many examples of other presses that have a similar origin, such that we never thought.

  2. I would not complain in any way but this release is an "official re-issue" from 1980/81. Not only a promo Issue,
    came even as the promo!

  3. I have this one. I bouht this, First Kiss Last Licks, KISS 1st german edition ZZ logo and Carnival (Head) picture disc for about US$ 260.00
    Cool, huh
    I didn't know it was this rare

  4. I saw a copy from this version in Argentina! it ain't rare at all!